Bulk Rename Utility

Bulk Rename Utility

Bulk Rename Utility renames batches of files and folders

Bulk Rename Utility helps you rename the batches of files and folders according to various criteria. This type of program may really come in handy for photographers, editors, web masters and network administrators, and any other users who frequently need to organize long lists of files.

Using the tool, you can combine given conditions and rename procedures to save a lot of time and effort. Examples of such operations find a match for a string and remove or replace it with another, as well as add prefixes or suffixes. Besides, you can use file attributes such as date and ID3 tags to rename the selected files. In this regard, although ID3 v.1 and v1.1 in MP3 files are supported, ID3 v.2 is not allowed. The list of renaming procedures and their combinations is really extensive. In addition, if the program doesn’t come with a very specific procedure, it allows you to implement it by writing your own Java code. A recommended improvement to this could be adding support of plug-ins.

If you worry about the possibility of being able to undo the changes you have made, you should know that you can set the program to create an undo batch file, which can be run from the command line to reverse your actions. Sadly, this is the only thing you can do from the command line as no other procedure or command can be invoked this way.

It´s a real misfortune that the interface of such a complete and handy utility looks so jumbled. I can certainly understand the reason why its designer chose to make all rename options and criteria visible right from the main window. However, it would have been better to place these elements in different layers so that only some of them become visible in accordance with the type of task.

Pedro Castro
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  • It supports files renaming using various criteria and procedures
  • It creates an undo batch file


  • It has a jumbled interface
  • It doesn’t support ID3 v.2
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