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Bulk Rename Utility renames batches of files and folders
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Guest Con - It doesn't work with ID3v2 tags for MP3's.

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Karol Excelent work!

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John Well the document warns you that the main page is overwhelming, but I wanted to rename jpegs with the date and time taken as the prefix so that I could merge pictures taken with two cameras and keep the order correct. It worked like a charm. Had to guess that %Y gave me a 4 digit year and that the Custom box would accept a format string. Also had to guess which menu to use to extract EXIF date. The PDF file which I read later would have answered most of my questions. All in all a very useful program.

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IndigoDragon I have to agree with "Henry"...
this program makes my "personal library" much more manageable and easier to clean up the labes/names in it with but a click of a couple of buttons!

and FREE to boot!
And since i get most of my stuff through TorrentOOgle[dot]com it makes it soOO much nicer!

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Henry Menson FREE Outstanding. Immensely convenient for me to be able to rename any/all files in a folder. Very clever. I guess I'm mentally lazy so I don't try to do all things to a file(s) that can be simultaneously done. I often make changes to file groups one at a time.

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